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Building owners and managers who operate air-conditioning systems have statutory obligations under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) to ensure that air conditioning inspections are conducted by qualified and accredited air-conditioning inspector. 
The First inspection of all existing air conditioning systems with a total building output of over 12 kW should have been completed by 4th January 2011.
The First inspection of all existing systems over 250 kW cooling capacity should have been completed by 4th January 2009.
New systems installed over 12 kW installed after January 2008 must be inspected within 5 years of being put into service.

Once the inspection is over, your assessor will give you a report that informes you:

The current efficiency of your equipment

Suggestions for improving the efficiency of your equipment

Any faults and suggested actions

How to reduce your air conditioning use

You don’t have to follow the recommendations, but you may save money if you do so.

We operate a nationwide service covering both level 3 and level 4 inspections to ensure full compliance with the EPBD legislation.
Air Conditioning Inspections are an independent company covering England and, Wales we specialises in commercial A/C inspections L3 and L4 using the TM44 methodology to provide an air conditioning inspection report.  
The standard inspection is none invasive but if required we can fully diagnose a system, check the refrigerant charge and running current if we find a system to be inefficient we will advise on correcting the fault. Also the inspection will highlight the quality of your maintenance and if it conforms to the industry standard that you are paying for.
A number of our inspections find that this standard is not met by the maintenance contractor and systems are left running inefficiently. A quality inspection should point out any shortfall in matter pay for its self in a very short time  by reducing your fuel bill and also your carbon emissions. After conducting the air conditioning inspection we produce a report with recommendations in plain English.
We are happy to discuss the recommendations within your report in order to ensure a full understanding of your completed Air conditioning inspection report. 

We can conduct a fully invasive report on all systems and ensure systems are leak tested and a full F-Gas register produced to comply fully with the current F-Gas legislation.

REFCOM Class one registered.

Please call 07581 398 574 or complete the free quotation link.
You may wish to view the air conditioning inspection Government  Legislation (EPBD) video below and explore our website for more details, or you may wish to call us to discuss your requirements. You can also request a  free quotation  for your air conditioning inspection by phone or email.
Thank you.
We are fully accredited and licensed to carry out statutory Air Conditioning Inspections  in accordance with theTM44 ACEA and Government Legislation (EPBD). Link
Air Conditioning Inspection reports in accordance with Government Legislation (EPBD)
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