Air Conditioning Inspections  - L3 & L4 ACEA TM44 Certificates
In order to produce an air conditioning inspection report the following procedure is conducted in accordance with the TM44 methodology and Government Legislation.

After an enquiry has been received we send our client a Pre-inspection questionnaire as shown below
Pre-inspection questionnaire for Air Conditioning Inspection Report
Tel 07581 398 574


If you wish you can download and complete this PDF and email it to us. We will then provide a free quotation for your air conditioning inspection report.
Essential Information
Yes/ No
An itemized list of installed Systems with Indoor and outdoor units including product makes, models and identification numbers together with cooling capacities, refrigerant charge, type and locations of equipment.
Description of method of control of temperature.
Description of method of control of periods of operation.
Desirable Information
Reports from earlier inspections of air conditioning systems, and for the generation of on energy performance certificate.
Records of maintenance operations carried out including filter changing, cleaning indoor and outdoor heat exchangers, refrigerant leakage tests, repairs to refrigeration components or replenishing with refrigerant.
Records of calibration and maintenance operations carried out on control systems and sensors.
Records of calibration and maintenance operations carried out on control systems and sensors.
Records of sub-metered air conditioning plant use or energy consumption.
Floor Plans and locations of equipment.
Useful Information
An estimate of the design cooling load for each system (if available). Otherwise, a brief description of the occupation of the controlled spaces, and of power consuming equipment normally used in those spaces.
Records of any issues or complaints that have been raised concerning the indoor comfort conditions achieved in the treated spaces.
Health and Safety
Are there any health and Safety issues that I should be aware of before commencing work on site

All information available that you can provide will need to be readily available upon our arrival to site.
When we have received this information we then provide a quotation and agree a mutually convenient date to conduct the inspection in order to produce your air conditioning inspection report.
After conducting the inspection we then use the data gathered and our observations to produce a air conditioning inspection report using an approved report software package. This includes a list of recommendations that will enable the client to reduce their carbon footprint and in doing so reduce their running costs.
Air Conditioning Inspections  will then lodge the report with Landmark so that your company is in compliance with Government Legislation for up to five years.
The inspector will then be available to discuss the air conditioning inspection report in detail should you require this. All work carried out in accordance with Government legislation (EPBD).
Air conditioning inspection reports (EPBD) with F-Gas compliance and non domestic epc (Defra) (Refcom) carried out in accordance with Government legislation as part of your facilities management companies services and your Environmental Audit.
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Air Conditioning Inspections reports areas covered:
Manchester Warrington Liverpool Manchester Warrington Liverpool Sheffield Chester Cheshire Stoke-on-Tent Stafford Nottingham Leicester Birmingham Bristol West Midlands Wrexham Shrewsbury Birmingham Telford Oswestry Coventry Bristol Shropshire Northampton Bedford Worcester Gloucester West Midlands Oxford Swindon Bristol Hereford Bath Reading Birmingham Basingstoke Salisbury Taunton North West Dorset Exeter Plymouth Manchester Warrington Liverpool South Hams South West England Devon Somerset Dorset Wiltshire West Midlands Hampshire Bristol Oxon Gloucestershire Wiltshire West Midlands Worcestershire Shropshire Bristol Wolverhampton Staffs East sussex Manchester Warrington Wrexham Liverpool Northamptonshire Buckinghamshire Bristol Shropshire Powys Cheshire Wrexham Staffordshire North West Leicestershire Derbyshire Cheshire Manchester Warrington Liverpool