Air Conditioning Inspections  - L3 & L4 ACEA TM44 Certificates
Air conditioning inspections are required to satisfy the ISO14001 accreditation.
environmental audit Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) in keeping with the Energy Efficiency Scheme and f gas
If your company is undergoing an environmental audit you will have to have an Air conditioning inspection in order to ensure legislative compliance.
Please see the Legislation page for more details.
Under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), Air conditioning must be inspected by a qualified assessor at intervals not exceeding five years to assess efficiency, review sizing and make recommendations for improvements or replacements and alternative solutions.
Air Conditioning Inspections can assist you and Facilities management companies with your Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) in keeping with the Energy Efficiency Scheme by performing an air conditioning inspection.
We can also ensure that you are F Gas and ODS compliant as part of your Environmental Audit.
In order to receive a quotation you can fill in the form on the Get a Quote page or you can download the word document (Pre Inspection Questionnaire) on the report page or you can email us and we will send you the Pre Inspection Questionnaire. If you would like to discuss your environmental audit requirements to
 ISO 14001.
Air Conditioning Inspections can help facilities management companies with your Environmental Audit.
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